Do you provide a safe and productive home working environment for your workforce?

The Health & Safety at Work Act states that organisations have a duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees, across all their working environments.

We help organisations roll out remote (agile) working by assisting in providing safe and productive home working space, relieving them of any risk or liabiity.

Our aim is to provide all UK-based remote workers with a safe, comfortable and productive workplace

Did you Know ...


... flexible and home working is steadily increasing in the UK - there are 4 million home workers and 23% of all workers have flexible contracts?



We will determine if your wokrforce is suited to remote working and if your organisation is prepared for it

Did you Know ...


... research shows that home workers can be more productive than their co-workers if trained and provided with the right working set-up?



We will prepare your staff for working remotely and train your managers in how to manage them effectively

Did you Know ...


... organisations supporting remote working are more attractive to new recruits, have better staff retention and tend to be higher performing businesses?



We will ensure your workforce has a safe, comfortable and productive remote working environment

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