We also know that whilst senior management and the junior staff see the benefits of remote working, middle management see it as an additional burden on them. They need special training in how to manage remote workers.

Actually we have found that those managers with honed management skills do not find remote working an issue, but those who have not been fully trained in basic management depend on their staff being on-call co-located around them.

Our training covers building trust and skills such as time management, setting objectives, monitoring progress, motivation and morale etc. As well as training managers we can train all your staff to become better home workers.

Change Management

We are experienced change managers and can facilitate the adoption of agile working directly or offer "train the trainers" sessons for your managers and change champions.  

We have developed our own tried and tested "7 Cs of Change" methodology. It is based on the combination of proven approaches by Lewin, Kotter and Kübler-Ross.

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